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The Standard at Cedar Ridge Residences

Cedar Ridge Residences is the maiden development by Great Homes, and it is a masterpiece without peers. This is a bold statement to make but when you know your product very well, and believe in its ability to be revolutionary, you can be confident to promise a truth you can deliver. With a masterplan covering about 600 homes and a plethora of house designs, we are here to make a substantial difference. Read more “The Standard at Cedar Ridge Residences”


Great Homes – What Makes Us So Different?

With many property developers offering a wide array of options on the market, it can be quite difficult standing out. From single family homes to large villas, and from managed apartments to large structured gated communities, Ghana’s property market is busy with activity. With this much activity, it is in place to expect a high level of diversity in the choices of properties available but this is not always the case. Read more “Great Homes – What Makes Us So Different?”