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We are committed to developing a serene, secure and modern gated community where our residents enjoy an exceptional living experience. Our amenities are well-planned, and our communal facilities at the heart of our estate create a congenial atmosphere for you and your family.

High Build Quality

Your house should last you a lifetime and we understand this. From the thickness of our walls, to the quality of our concrete mixes, the reinforcements in every decking to the strict protocols we follow, you can rest assured of the quality we deliver.

Stunning Designs

We have opted to give our clients abundant property options with beautiful architecture that blends practicality with timelessness. Every house boasts of ample space both inside and outside, with standard features that make each property literally turn-key.


Luxurious Fittings

Here at Cedar Ridge Residences, luxury is not reserved for a selected few. We carefully select our fittings from renowned manufacturers so you can truly enjoy everything about your house, especially the fine details.

Absolute Security

We have in place advanced security systems with modern infrastructure and a professional 24/7 security staff. Regular security patrols along with guard posts ensure your absolute peace of mind.

Police Station

There will be a police station situated right along the entrace to the community, manned by the Ghana Police Service. The close proximity of the station means direct access to 24-hour police response at your doorstep, so you can rest comfortably in your home.

Fibre Backbone

The community's dedicated fibre backbone is routed to every home and provides access to high speed internet and security intercom services. This progressive infrastructure makes room for the adoption of new technologies that will benefit the community over time.

Equisitely Planned

With many stunning designs to choose from, we offer a wide array of property options that flow in perfect harmony with the cohesive layout of the entire estate. The recreational area is centrally located for easy access to all residents.

Comprehensive Amenities

At the heart of our community is our breathtaking recreational area which boasts a community clubhouse, a swimming pool, a gymnasium/fitness centre, a soccer pitch, a tennis court, a creche/early childhood school and office complex.

In Close Proximity

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