With many property developers offering a wide array of options on the market, it can be quite difficult standing out. From single family homes to large villas, and from managed apartments to large structured gated communities, Ghana’s property market is busy with activity. With this much activity, it is in place to expect a high level of diversity in the choices of properties available but this is not always the case. With gated communities become more popular due to the amenities and packages they offer beyond just a place to make your home, many developers are scrambling to answer the question, “What makes you different?”.

From identical property options with little design variations, to quite the same amenities, the promise of a dream home in a gated community can easily feel bland. But that notwithstanding, we at Great Homes started with the goal to be truly different and offer outstanding value that is unmatched in the property market. And we are on course to delivering just that.

Great Homes is a fully Ghanaian-owned property development company that is redefining affordable luxury properties. With over a dozen home designs for our clients to choose from, we have laid the foundation for a truly dynamic gated community like no other. With the concept of harmony in the general plan and structure of gated communities in mind, all our properties are designed to fit seamlessly together. Our designs are timeless and modern, fusing the best ideas and concepts gathered from experiences, travels, brainstorming and careful analysis of the needs of property seekers.

Our properties comprise of an apartment complex which has studios and 1 to 3-bedroom units, and 2 to 6-bedroom houses built on ample acreage unmatched by any competing property developer at the price points we offer. Whether you settle for a semi-detached or detached house, you will have more space than you can possibly find immediate use for. We have opted to make certain addon features standard in all our properties to give our clients and residents a “full” home. These standard features include an outside kitchenette to complement the standard kitchen for days when the cooking gets intense. Each property has a stone feature wall to accentuate the living area. The build quality is outstanding. From using thicker cement blocks to double walls, adhering to strict building protocols, having an on-site engineer to evaluate, monitor and advice on each building we put up, we are confident of meeting and exceeding your expectations in every property we stamp “Completed!”.

In all, every part of our community is well-thought-out, giving us the grounds to build an exquisite estate that creates the perfect place for you to make your home. Our security modules are prime, with a police station situated along the entrance of the estate to complement the security team guarding the community. From CCTV installations to controlled access, periodic security patrols and easy access to the security post from each house, you can rest assured that someone is always watching your back. Every house is connected to a central fibre optic backbone to serve internet and other security modules. Our recreational centre features a clubhouse, a large swimming pool, a soccer pitch, a tennis court and an early childhood school (creche).

There is so much more to us and we invite you to come take a tour of our evolving estate and claim your spot. Be a part of the Great Homes story. Talk to our sales team on (+233) 055 472 8191 or via email at